Welcome to OnToma documentation!

OnToma is a python module that helps you map your disease/phenotype terms to the ontology we use in the Open Targets platform.

The ontology we use in the Open Targets platform is a subset (aka. _slim_) of the EFO ontology _plus_ any HPO terms for which a valid EFO mapping could not be found.


This package tries to take the final structure into account and avoids mapping to terms that are not currently in the ontology



  • Wrap OLS, OXO, Zooma in a pythonic API
  • Tries to find mappings iteratively using the faster methods first
  • Checks if mapping is in the subset of EFO that gets included in the

Open Targets platform - tries to follow the procedure highlighted in https://github.com/opentargets/data_release/wiki/EFO-Ontology-Annotation-Process


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